One-On-One Training Now Available

Body Bloom is officially open and taking new clients! We’ve been working hard to get our clients to crush their goals safely during these unusual times and are excited to announce that we are now offering 1:1 training.

We know that nothing will stop you when you’re ready to conquer, and we are here to support you on that journey. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain strength, put on muscle, or recover from an injury, our team can help you make it happen.

Unlike traditional gym environments, Body Bloom is a unique training experience that offers individual attention and customization based on your specific goals and experience level.  Our one-on-one training allows you to have a professional workout in a personal, socially distanced manner.


One-On-One Training: $150 per session

New Client Package Deal: Purchase 8 sessions, and your first session is on us!



  • One-on-one outdoor training with a certified professional strength coach 
  • Only one client on-site at a time, making it an extremely safe option 
  • Equipment cleaned/sanitized before and after each session 
  • A personalized training program based on your needs, goals, body, and experience level 

It’s time to shed whatever 2020 threw at you and unlock the person you want to be right here, right now. Are you ready to show yourself what you’ve got? Contact us today to get started!

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