A Three-Step Approach Towards Health and Wellness

Getting into the best shape of your life requires hard work. However, you may not know where to start. You also may not know that long-term success is accompanied by an individualized fitness routine, the right nutrition plan, and a positive mindset that will fuel an on-going, healthy lifestyle. Body Bloom offers a three-step approach that will help you reach your fitness goals.

1) Strength Training

Body Bloom offers an individualized strength training program for your fitness goals. Lifting experience, current strength levels, injuries, surgeries, and body composition goals are all factored into your program. Your weekly movement assignment will consist of resistance training alongside the appropriate amount of cardio.

2) Active Nutrition

As you gain strength, your nutritional needs will change over time. While en route to your goal, you need to eat at a proper caloric deficit (or surplus depending on your fitness goals) and should always feel energized. Body Bloom analyzes your daily food choices and customizes your nutrition to fit your body’s unique needs and current activity levels.

3) Healthy Mindset

Long-lasting results require a solution-based mindset. What happens when you skip a workout? How can you order a meal at a restaurant but stay on track? How do you manage last-minute changes to your schedule that will affect your training and nutrition for the week? Body Bloom conditions you to choose self-promoting behaviors that help you stay healthy for life.

Contact us today to learn more about our online fitness and nutrition program and to schedule a consultation.

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