Debug Your Gut

The human microbiome is a booming subject of research that investigates the functional roles of bacteria and other microbes in digestion, combating illness, and even modulating behaviors. Cultured and fermented foods are a source of probiotic bacteria, which are essential to metabolize nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics have been shown to significantly decrease the incidence of colds and other illnesses in numerous randomized, double-blind studies. Research suggests that the enteric microbiota modulate stress and anxiety symptoms in mice.

Taming Sugar Addiction

Refined sugar and corn syrup are ubiquitous in sweet drinks, desserts, and the American diet in general. The human body has not adapted quickly enough to catch up with the rapid upscaling of sugar availability. As a consequence, excess sugar intake wreaks havoc on the body by inflicting imbalanced glucose levels, obesity, and heart disease. We discuss several strategies to combat sugar addiction and generally regain control over your food choices.

Triumph Over Burnouts

It's tempting to neglect one's basic needs and fuel industrial sprints with meal replacements and other quick fixes. It's not long before the accumulated debt begins to noticeably decrease productivity and overall well-being. We discuss how whole foods and nutrition "brain hacks" can help regulate sleep patterns and sustain alertness and concentration.