The Physical Manifestation of Stress

You’re exhausted and irritable. Your breaths are as quick and short as your temper. The tension in your body makes it difficult to fall asleep at night and you’re beginning to wonder if daily headaches are just a normal part of your life now. Your appetite has changed and so has your sex drive. You feel anxious, nauseous, and dizzy all the time and are only a paper cut away from a full-blown meltdown.


The Quality of Calories Matters

It's all about portion control!

Calorie intake!


Chances are, you've heard all of these and more when people refer to the "best way to lose weight." In fact, companies have made millions of dollars selling these concepts to consumers. Weight Watchers, for example, works off a point system. You can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your daily allowed points. And how about that guy who lost almost 40 pounds eating nothing but McDonald's? He then went on to tour over 90 schools and tell kids how they, too, could achieve their dream bod by scarfing down hot fudge sundaes as long as they stayed within the daily recommended calorie intake.



January is here and you're ready to kick your resolutions in gear. But there's so much information out there and you just don't know where to start. So you do what everyone does: scope out the scene and see what's working for everyone else.

A quick insta-stalking session brings you to your friend Jennifer's page. You notice she recently lost 20 pounds doing Whole30 and dang, Jen's looking good!

As you scroll a little further down you see another friend who's been killing it with the ketogenic diet. She makes extraordinary claims about how the weight melts right off with every bacon-wrapped butterball she eats.


Five Ways Travel Improves Fitness

I used to worry that all the changes involved in traveling abroad would derail my progress with fitness, dreading the thought of losing everything I worked for. Luckily, I couldn't have been more far off. Exploring a new country is a huge opportunity to get in better shape and try new foods! Your body loves it when you move around so give wanderlust a place in your health journey. Here are five reasons why travel continues to improve my health.